Tech Dojo.

Challenge your skills to prove you are the best

Project Description

Tech_Dojo is one of our most ambitious internal projects. We love technology, innovation and we love tech events, so the tech_dojo project was born with the ultimate goal to push all these elements together, we want to create a one stop platform for every tech lovers.

Tech_dojo is a all-in-one plaform built on bringing the developers across the globe to participate, collaborate and excel in refining their skills.


As Organizers: Host online hackathon events, enable any talent teams around the world to compete for the best solution

As Teams Bring your best team to solve real world challenging problems that will change our future, along with awesome prizes

Code Challenge

Create and challenge interesting coding problems to improve your programming skills.


Host interviewes to your canditates with real time online code editors

Tech talks

Host and find tech talks of your favorite topic.

Build with: Node.js, AngularJS, HTML5.

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